Vidal Construction


We are offering a joint partnership for investment opportunities in Texas.

Austin, TX Multifamily Opportunities

Due to the high demand of renters in the area, this low-risk investment will lead to a profitable return. In the past year, Austin added on average 159 people per day. Home to several large universities and community colleges, population growth has been exponential. Vidal Construction has the expertise to plan, design, build, maintain, and finance major infrastructure and development projects. Our investment objective is to opportunistically identify assets in markets with an identified set of attractive demographics at a deal size where competition is limited and our exceptional team can add immediate operational value. We are offering a joint partnership on multifamily property in the Austin area.

Dallas, TX Limited Operating Partnership Opportunities

In the Dallas area, we are seeking an investor to assist with capital to purchase land, design + build a commercial office park, and assist with the operating costs of a new branch location. As a company, we continue to increase our revenue and assets and achieve expense ratios that are better than the industry every year.

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