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Custom Homes

There is no greater compliment than being chosen to build a part of your dreams. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, explore your ideas, and provide guidance in the design and construction of your home. We strive for perfecting the aesthetics and sustainability of your home.

Why Vidal Construction?

The foundation for your dream home begins with our direct construction management experience. With expertise in constructing complex facilities, we are able to utilize cutting-edge sustainable building materials and construction practices. Our experience in the reconstruction of building failures allows us to proactively approach your home's performance. During the building process, you will receive invaluable input as a direct result of our knowledge and hands-on experience.

We encourage your ideas and thrive on new challenges as our experience allows us to build with confidence. We know exactly what proper installation is, as we have previously self-performed many areas that our subcontractors are now performing. Our diligent construction practices begin with the first soil sample and ends with final paint touch-up. Our levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail are unsurpassed.

Reputable builders use similar subcontractors and respective pricing. What separates us from the rest is the ability to respectfully communicate, understand, and convert challenges into successful outcomes. Our hands-on approach, proactive construction practices, continuous inspections, and creative ideas allow us to build your project with a skill that is not easily attained. The finest materials are used in every aspect of your home and installed with the greatest care. Our ideas will improve your energy efficiency, re-sale value, and aesthetic pleasure.

Levels of LEED certification are available and encouraged.

Design: Bring your plans or take advantage of ours. The purpose of an initial consultation is to retrieve your ideas and begin a preliminary budget. This is completed at no charge and allows you to understand realistic pricing and save money on plans that are cost prohibitive. Once comfortable with budget pricing, we can offer our reputable architects and home designers. We welcome new professionals should you have preferences in these areas. Each home is designed based on your budget, location, lifestyle, and dreams. We look forward to consulting with you.

Construction: Upon completion of plans, designer selections are made, and budgeting is revised. Microsoft Project is used to formulate the construction schedule, and standard AIA documents track budgeting. We continuously offer construction suggestions and proceed in the direction that you decide. Your feedback is welcome throughout the building process. Scheduling and photos are continuously updated during construction and available on a weekly basis. A typical custom home takes 9-12 months.

Service: We provide a one-year warranty on all items, two years on mechanicals, manufacturers, warranties, and ten year structural. We then proceed with revised engineered plans and interior finish-out selections, providing samples prior to install. We take into account code compliance, safety, and energy upgrades.

19315 Terra Mont, San Antonio, TX 78255. Call for Pricing [5,492 SF]

19430 Terra Mont, San Antonio, TX 78255. Call for Pricing [6,018 SF]

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