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Vidal Construction

Commercial Construction

  • Design-Build Contractor

  • General Contractor

  • Construction Manager

Building trust each step of the way is our priority. We understand how important trust is in a contractor/client relationship. Our clients rely on us to serve on their behalf, ethically and responsibly. We have a track record of integrity, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to this is proven by the fact that returning clients account for more than half our business every year. Our clients value the relationship we build with them and recognize our commitment to quality, budget, and schedule.


We offer preconstruction, construction, and management services that make the process easier for our clients, save time and money, and ensure project goals are met. During the preconstruction phase, Vidal Construction provides proven leadership to assist our clients in successfully planning their projects to reach the goals of their facilities. Our team ensures an understanding of the client's goals and provides the foundation necessary to reach them. Our preconstruction services include:

  • Preliminary plans and estimating, to establish baseline budgets
  • Construction estimates to provide accurate cost information of a designed project
  • Cost savings input to assist clients in reaching their budget goals
  • Development of a Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Solicitation of proposals from subcontractors and suppliers to ensure competitive pricing


We promote the benefits of sustainability and are committed to raising awareness of sustainability issues throughout the building cycle.

Construction Excellence

Whether breaking ground on a full design project or emergency reconstruction, we provide the care and resources to ensure excellent craftsmanship on every project.

Our Clients

Our construction services include:

  • Management of all construction activities from mobilization to occupancy
  • Development of construction scheduling
  • Management of project communication, correspondence, and documentation
  • Constant monitoring of construction quality and a proactive approach to craftsmanship
  • Safety awareness, including pre-planning, prevention, monitoring, and reinforcement
  • Ability to self-perform construction services to provide competitive pricing
  • Management and tracking of necessary inspections and documentation for completion, occupancy, and operation of a facility
  • As-built documentation to facilitate operation and maintenance for the life of the facility